Monthly Archives: January 2014

North American International Auto Show

I had the opportunity to visit Cobo Hall in Detroit this weekend and captured some photos of some pretty awesome cars. As a landscape photographer, I spend a lot of time with my camera on a tripod, sometimes waiting for a person or two the move out of the frame […]

Get Crisp Stars in your Sky Shots 1

One of the most common questions that come up when discussing night photography is: “How do I get my stars to not look like lines?” Nighttime landscape photography is different from daytime landscape photography in that high ISO is not only perfectly acceptable, but sometimes necessary.  You see, you can’t […]

The Arctic of Lexington

I decided to shoot up to Lexington, MI on Saturday morning in hope for a sunrise photo shoot with an icy shoreline. Well I got my wish. When I first made it there, around 6:15 am there was not a cloud in the sky but there was a LOT of […]

Hyperfocal Distance

Turning Night into Day

I started doing “Night to Day” images almost by accident. I had set out to take a star trail photo and had taken just a simple 30 second exposure at a high ISO to check my framing. When I got back to my computer I looked at the file and […]

How I Process My Images

This is just a quick video I made to not only show everyone how I process my photos but to hopefully give you some insight, tip, or trick which can help you out in your processing as well. Comments and feedback are always appreciated.