North American International Auto Show

I had the opportunity to visit Cobo Hall in Detroit this weekend and captured some photos of some pretty awesome cars. As a landscape photographer, I spend a lot of time with my camera on a tripod, sometimes waiting for a person or two the move out of the frame of the picture. Other than chasing my kids around the yard trying to take pics of them, I never have my camera off my tripod. I’ll normally spend 5 to 10 minutes setting up my shot. Shooting at the auto show is entirely different for me. You have to be quick, and you have to accept distractions in your shots.

I did something different, something I never do to my shots. I like my landscape shots to be as real as possible. I don’t tweak colors. I don’t play with saturation. I process the scene as I remember it being. These shots I did modify colors, desaturated some, added some¬†vignetting to give an image a better focus and remove distractions. The colors which were left in the images were real though. I wouldn’t expect these same methods to work their way into my landscape shots, but it was fun to put a different artistic spin on photos, even if for just one day.

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About Michigan Photographer - Daniel Frei

Daniel Frei is a landscape photographer from Southeast Michigan. Daniel has always enjoyed taking photos while camping and hiking in the woods and has taken this joy to the next level. A stay at home dad by day, when he gets out he likes to visit local hiking trails with the occasional trip farther outside of metro Detroit. He enjoys being a home grown Michigan Photographer

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