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AADesktopWallpaperButtonAs a way to show my appreciation to the people who support and follow me, I now offer all of my images as desktop wallpapers for your Mac, PC, or mobile device. I have pre-sized these images for High Definition displays (1920 x 1080) so there will be no stretching or warping of the image when you use it. It just fills the screen the way it should. Now you can get the seasonal beauty of Michigan on your desktop at home or at work. While using these wallpapers, I strongly urge you to minimize all your windows a couple of times a day and just imagine you are at the location of the image enjoying the scenes. This will help reduce your stress and relax a bit which we could all use a little more of these days.

This is just my way of saying thank you to everyone who follows and supports me and my photography. I don’t want to keep saying thank you, I want to show you that I appreciate your support. To access the wallpapers, you will be prompted to “Like” my Facebook fan page first. You can “Like” my page by either using the link in my blog sidebar or by clicking this link –> http://statictab.com/kn6fswd . You can also go to my fan page and click the “Desktop Wallpapers” tab from within Facebook.

Thank you and enjoy.


About Michigan Photographer - Daniel Frei

Daniel Frei is a landscape photographer from Southeast Michigan. Daniel has always enjoyed taking photos while camping and hiking in the woods and has taken this joy to the next level. A stay at home dad by day, when he gets out he likes to visit local hiking trails with the occasional trip farther outside of metro Detroit. He enjoys being a home grown Michigan Photographer

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