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I’ll often get asked what gear I use to get my shots or if I have a recommendation on what someone should buy. I’ll try to type out my gear list and give a short review of what I think about it.

Camera: Canon 60D
So far this camera has been great. I bought this as an upgrade from my Canon XS which was my first DSLR. Features I like about the 60D are live view on the LCD with the depth of field preview to check critical focus of a shot. It helps ensure I have everything set before I press the shutter. The other feature I like is the articulating LCD screen. I know a lot of purists don’t like it and think it is just another thing to break on the camera but I’ve had no such experience. This helps me get the camera real low to the ground without getting myself dirty, wet or eaten up from bugs. I simply flip it out and angle it up to me.

Lenses: Wide to Telephoto
Tokina 12-24mm f/4
– This is my wide angle lens and I love it. I always end up with sharp, crisp images with minimal distortion. My only real complaint is the chromatic aberrations tend to get a little big in high contrast transitions, but with Adobe CS6, it is really a non-factor for me now.
Canon 17-55mm f/2.8 – This is a great lens for crop sensor cameras. Fast, flexible and sharp. It pairs well with my other lenses. It overlaps focal length with my wide angle and meets up with the focal length of my telephoto.
Canon 55-250mm f/3.5-5.6 – I don’t do much telephoto shooting but this kit lens is optically sound, sharp and really light weight.

Tripod Head: Giottos MH 1000-652
This is a very sturdy tripod head with no creep when tightening it down. Weighing in at 1.4lbs, it isn’t the lightest tripod head but it does give me a panning control as well as tension adjustments which I have grown fond of.

Tripod Legs: Manfrotto 190CX Pro 4
Carbon fiber tripod legs were a must in my search for a tripod. I have nothing but good things to say about my old Dolcia Proline tripod I had for 2 years, for 35 bucks and the abuse I put it through it was well worth it, but there is no comparing it to this tripod. The sturdiness alone made it worth it. The latches are easy to use and lock into place just right. If I had one complaint, I think I would rather of had twist locks as the latches regularly get caught on my tripod holder on my camera bag when pulling it out or putting it back in, but that is more a preference than a complaint.

Camera Bag: LowePro Flipside Sport AW 10L
A small, lightweight camera bag which fits snug to my back. Sometimes I need to creep into tight places or maybe take off running and this bag hold tight. A side pouch for a 1L camelbak works great for some of my longer hikes. My only real complaint is the lack of pouches. Only one internal pouch and if you don’t use the camelbak, you have one exterior pouch. I would have liked to see a few more pouches attached to it but otherwise a great, very comfortable bag.